Healer: A person who creates space in which others feel comfortable enough to heal or change themselves.

In my early twenties I received my undergraduate degree, got married and raised my family. In 1992 I made a huge career change and obtained my Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy. I researched and considered thoroughly what I wanted my second career to be, and counseling was a perfect fit for me. I chose Phillip’s Graduate Institute in North Hollywood, CA, for my training because of their excellent reputation. Phillips is the oldest marriage and family therapy school in the country.

Shortly after graduation I moved to the Seattle area. I had family and friends in Washington and, along with my new career, I wanted a new start to my personal life as well. I think I have always been a North Westerner at heart!

I believe I can only help my clients grow if I am growing too, so I am always striving to learn something new. Therapy is exciting. The journey is a life-long process. Whether my clients come in for a few sessions or many, I aim to leave them with that desire to learn about themselves and how they can make their lives richer and fuller.